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Khotta Sirius

Be more serious about planning your academic life and get Sirius for a more flexible planning experience, unlimited plans, schedules, reminders, and even more!
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Be more productive

Reminders will help you know which tasks to do and which classes to attend


Achieve academic goals

Find the most flexible, beneficial, and effective plan for you


Be more flexible

Add and adjust your classes and tasks anytime with no effort

Achieve greater results in less time

All you need to plan effectively
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Tasks & classes reminders
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Unlimited plans
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Unlimited schedules
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Best for students

By getting Sirius, you will not get a flexible planning experience only but also help us (as students😄) to make Khota the best app for students.



0.99 / month

Save %33


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Save %79


0.21 / month

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Hi, thank you for building this amazing app. It really helped me to know what is my academic status and many other things... I appreciate your effort and encourage you for more.❤️

Through app feedback
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تطبيق ممتاز ويغني عن اكثر من تطبيق لكن اقترح تغيرو صوت الاشعار بصوت مميز وخاص فيكم عشان صوت الاشعارات الحالية مشابهة لكثير تطبيقات وكثير تجيني اشعارات من خطة عن وقت الكلاس وما انتبه لها.. وشكرًا لكم ولجهودكم الكبيره🤍.

Through app feedback
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ابة اقولكم اني اقدر جهدكم كثييررر وجهدكم وانتم تيييم رهيييببب جدا جدا شغلكم في التطوير والتحسين اصفق له زي ما آبل مستخدميها عندهم ولاء ، احس كذا من ناحيتكم فان لكم 😂 افتح التطبيق احس بفخر كبير فيكم وانكم تسمعوا للمستخدم انتم بالنسبة ليا جالسين تفرضوا نفسكم  موبس جالسين تعملوا مجرد تطبيق، انتم تصنعوا   تطبيق يصنع سعادتي...

Through app feedback
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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله اولا ما شاء الله كمية فرحتي بالتطبيق لا توصف، جددا معجبة بالشغل المبذول في هذا التطبيق وفعلا يوصف كتطبيق احترافي ينافس افضل التطبيقات في مجاله،،  بارك الله جهودكم❤️

Through app feedback
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من كثر ما التطبيق يجنن شرحت عنه باليوتيوب الله يوفقكم ويسعدكم مره سهلتوا علينا وتنظمت اكثر بعد التحديث الاخير صار فيه خلل بسيط في الجدول عندي يمكن لاحظتوه لكن الله يسعدكم ..***
Through app feedback

Frequently asked questions

How Khotta Sirius help me improving my GPA?

Britton and Tesser (1991) found a positive correlation between short-range planning and grade point average (GPA) of students,which suggests that students who are actively engaged in time management processes are likely to see attainment benefits. Britton and Tesser stated that short-range planning was a more effective time management technique than long-range planning because plans could be adjusted to fast changes or unpredictable situations, which allowed for flexibility.

What is Sirius?

Sirius is a subscription enables different features to make Khotta more powerful and helps you plan effectively. By the way, Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky✨ .

What is the difference between Sirius monthly, annual and Lifetime subscriptions?

Both subscriptions enable the same features for you, but if you get the annual subscription, you will save 33% yearly, and if you get Lifetime subscription, you will save 79%.

Why Sirius features aren't free, isn't your goal of Khotta to help students planning?

We want to make & keep Khotta the best app for students, and that requires a lot of time, dedication, commitment, and of-course money. We will always try to make it affordable for students (just like us). Current prices are 0.99 a month, 7.99 a year and 9.99 for Lifetime.

Can I restore my purchase?

Sure. If you have subscribed to Sirius any time in the past and it hasn't expired, just go to Sirius page and restore it, drop us a line and tell us why you want to restore your purchase🙌🤍.

Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will get back within 24 hours.